The mission of the Center for Loving Studies is to eradicate suicides and accidental deaths from drug and alcohol overdoses by instilling hope and purpose with those at risk. Each year, nearly 800 000 people die due to suicide and nearly 200,000 people die from drug overdoses (opioids account for the majority of drug-related deaths and such deaths are avoidable).

Through the Center's Purpose Project, we work with those at risk in rural communities to discover their purpose, chart a path to success and introduce hope into their lives. This is just the beginning of multiple CLS initiatives to come, and when you give today, your donation will save lives, one community at a time.

Ready to join the choose Love movement?

There is unlimited power in the Universe to propel you to success and happiness. Accessing this power requires no subscriptions, no degrees or membership fees. You cannot buy it on Amazon nor receive it from a guru sitting atop a mountain. For this power is already present in the Universe and is waiting for you to put it to work.

Throughout history, great men and women have lived their lives in Love and found harmony with the Universe. Scholars debate their methods and dissect their personalities but the simple lesson of living one’s life in Love has been lost.

That is until now.