choose Love Review by Marion Ross PhD

Marion Ross PhD., Co-Founder, Shift Your Life

choose Love Review

“Darwin asks us to examine the big questions: What is Love, Consciousness, Sense of Self and gives both wise advice and tools to help us overcome sleepwalking through our habitual lives.

If it's time for your wakeup call, Choose Love can help you get on track to be the unlimited being that you are.”

choose Love Review by Beverley Golden,

Beverley Golden, Author, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie

choose Love Review

In Choose Love, Darwin Stephenson shares a foundational principle of all great religious and spiritual teachings. We are made of Love and by choosing to live our lives from a place of Love, everything changes. We change and the world around us changes.

The introduction drew me in and I was curious to know more about Darwin and his experiences. It became apparent that his journey was a hero’s journey, lived with a passion and openness to finding his truth. It is, in fact, all of our truths and Darwin offers the reader a roadmap for discovering that truth by choosing love and consciously acting on it.

He offers us this imagining:

“…the path to success is not elusive but merely requires God’s loving energy to propel you up and forward. Now imagine that everyone lived their lives this way. Would the world be a better place? Of course, it would be; if we all chose Love all the time we would be better people and the world would be tremendously better than it is today.”

As someone who grew up embodying the ‘hippie’ values of peace and love, knowing they are intrinsic human values, I applaud Darwin for sharing his message of the power of Love. Especially at a time when our world needs to hear this and live this credo more than ever!

choose Love Review by Tammy McAtee

Tammy McAtee, Author, Voices Within

choose Love Review

Choose Love is the basis for how to accomplish, grow, and be far more. Following your pursuit of happiness is well laid out in this personal message of free will, choices, love, and joining together with others to be better.”

choose Love Review by Maura O’Leary

Maura O'Leary, Author, When Angels Play Poker

choose Love Review

“Darwin weaves a beautiful message from the 1st chapter till the end, step by step on how to do choose Love in our everyday life! He was divinely guided to write this from above, and it shows. We should ALWAYS choose Love!”

choose Love Review by Lisa Beyersdoerfer

Lisa Beyersdoerfer

choose Love Review

Choose Love is a fresh approach for those who seek answers to life’s purpose. Whether you’re feeling well struggling, his approach to tuning the Self is very helpful. Darwin reminds us that living our best life is better for our relationships and our community. Darwin's nurturing prose and truth is a great add to your spiritual library.”

choose Love Review by Sahara Devi

Sahara Devi, Author, The Evolution Revolution, A Handbook for Personal & Global Consciousness

choose Love Review

“Delighted to support Darwin and his book choose Love. The longer I experience life-on-Earth, the clearer I am that the best we can do for ourselves and the planet is to, unfailingly, choose Love.”

choose Love Review by Dr. S. Lall

Dr. S. Lall - Ancient Nutrition Psychologist & Food Qi Researcher

choose Love Review

“All you need is just Love, yet most of humanity is deprived of it. Love is not merely an emotion; it's energy, a source of light that ignites life. Love, unless chosen, can't be experienced. Darwin takes you through a journey wherein, out of the infinite ways to experience life and love, he provides a path to success and happiness.”

choose Love Review by Ulrike Berzau

Ulrike Berzau, MM, MHS, PT, FACHE, Business Consultant & Mindset Coach, Bestselling Author

choose Love Review

“What caught my attention in this interesting and thought-provoking book is charting your life course in the three areas - Body, Spirit and Mind.  It is revealing, allowing us to learn more about ourselves and our choices, and an excellent start to chart a new course for your future.

I also enjoyed the three questions Darwin suggests to ask ourselves every night:

What have I done today to nurture my Body?

What have I done today to nurture my Spirit?

What have I done today to nurture my Mind?

If you wonder why you feel tired, sad or depleted, read Choose Love and get inspired to consistently nurture your Body, Spirit and Mind. Choose Love will keep you on the path to success and happiness!”

choose Love Review by carole j. obley

carole j. obley – Author, I'm Still With You: True Stories of Healing Grief Through Spirit Communication

choose Love Review

“Anyone who longs to discover authentic happiness will benefit from reading Choose Love. Darwin offers readers practical guidance, insights drawn from his personal experiences and simple exercises to delve into the terrain of the soul and its unlimited potential. Choose Love is a guide to looking within to discover purpose beyond societal dictates.”