Departmental Contacts

Wondering who to contact?

Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, please direct your communications to the most appropriate party. If your topic isn't listed below, you can contact us via our Contact Us web form.

Are you looking for the book choose Love?

Choose Love is available in printed and eBook formats in English and Spanish (coming soon). You can find choose Love in Bookmate, B&N, Odio, Rakuten or Amazon.

Are you interested in attending a workshop?

The Center for Loving Studies conducts workshops and symposiums to help people discover their purpose, achieve success and live happy lives.

Would you like to host an event in your town?

We would love to help members of your community via one of our workshops or symposium discussions.

Are you a Book Seller?

If you're looking to purchase one of our books for resale, please visit our publishing partner IngramSpark.

Are you a member of the media?

If you're writing an article or would like to interview Darwin or a member of our staff on your show, check out our press kit and contact us to schedule a time to chat about your piece.